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Beyond GDP: Measuring Progress for Better Policy

Beyond GDP: Measuring Progress for Better Policy
High Level Conference, 19 & 20 November 2007, Brussels

An International Conference

The conference will host by the European Commission together with European Parliament, Club of Rome and WWF in Brussels in autumn 2007 with the objectives of: (i) clarifying what indices are most appropriate to measure progress; and (ii) how these can best be integrated into the decision making process and taken up by public debate.

This conference organised by the European Commission together with the partner organisations;Three European policy institutes—Ecologic, IEEP and MNP—are assisting with the conference planning, outreach and management.

The conference is scheduled to take place in Brussels in November 2007, and will bring together 200-250 experts and policy makers from around the world to discuss ways to improve our measures of progress for sustainable development. The forerunner conference ”Taking Nature into Account” was jointly organized ten years ago by the European Commission and European Parliament together with the Club of Rome and World Wide Fund for Nature.

Prof. Zhouying Jin was invited as a member of Advisory Board to participate in the conference.





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