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Introduction of BAST

* A research / development / application center of interdisciplinary study on soft technology
* A future center in accordance with the actual situation in China
* A research and promotion center for green development model
* A research and application center for the development model of future enterprise
* An international platform for exchange of new thinking

  Beijing Academy of Soft Technology (BAST), based in Zhongguancun Science Park, is a research & consulting oriented company, specialized in the field of soft technology. BAST aims to combine natural and social sciences, as well as soft and hard technologies to carry out interdisciplinary research, development and application of soft technology in a systematic manner; change the thinking mode to inspire creativity, so as to contribute to improve the ability to respond to crises and challenges in the 21st century.
  With the widespread influence and contact of its members of the academia, business circles, different sectors of the community and government departments, BAST composed of a cross-disciplinary research team in the form of virtual and network organization.
  The interdisciplinary research on soft technology increasingly commanded a common awareness worldwide through its research and practice. The collaborators coming from a variety of fields, including science, industry, academy, culture, media and diplomacy; they are invaluable assets of BAST. With their supports, BAST has partnered with many leading domestic and foreign research institutions, universities, media and enterprises.

Main Activities of BAST:

Soft-tech research
The awareness and research of Soft technology – a new technology paradigm, will enable people to reconsider and completely change the understanding of some issues. Many interdisciplinary research projects are being launched under the guidance of the concept of soft technology, in which many studies have theoretical or practical significance. In the international arena, many scholars, decision makers and policy makers have widely used the concept of soft technology and soft environment in their research and practice, and moreover, the concept of soft technology innovation, soft environment innovation, soft assets and etc. are applied in the design of their strategic system or innovative system, or intellectual capital management. Soft technology research projects have been launched in some countries.

Future research
Guided by its new understanding of technology & new thinking mode, BAST is initiating a number of cross-disciplinary studies and future research. BAST is devoted to combining the future research with the practice of China's economic and social sustainability. For example, BAST designed the model of “China 2050 (the third step of the development goals) and Early Warning System" in 1997. Its future research team adhere to implementing and improving the mode in a variety of ways over the years, and provide services for the long-term decision-making through the practical applications such as "Sustainable development and long-term strategic system integration”, Long-term strategic management model adapting to the green development mode", "Systematic solution to meeting green economic growth and sustainable development", and etc. it has now become the platform of World Future Society, Millennium Projects, Future 500 and other organizations in China.

Business mode of future enterprise
In order to make China’s enterprises adapt to the challenges of the new economy of the 21st century, and actualize the new concept of development, namely economic and social comprehensive, coordinated & sustainable development, the business mode of enterprise must be changed. To this end, as an important member of the international alliance of the Future 500, BAST introduced the Future 500 mechanism to China, which aims to help enterprises increase their corporate social responsibility (CSR), accountability, and sustainability, and study and promote future-oriented corporate model by fostering the examples of "Good Company" fulfilling the triple bottom line. BAST will provide technical supports and services for the activities of Future 500 (China).

Consulting and Training
BAST commits to combine its research achievement with practice to solve problems in the process of development in China. The consulting fields include: long term planning & strategies for sustainable development of local & regional area; enhancing the efficiency of technology transfer; introducing, transferring and developing of new business mode & business technology; enterprises consulting; enterprises evaluation and strategic analysis, etc. Meanwhile, BAST keep transforming its research results into consulting tools, providing not only consulting services for the enterprises and regional development, but also services tools for those consulting agencies.
BAST also takes up with the training of soft technology talents, and provides training course focusing on the strategic management, innovation & intellectual capital and so on for entrepreneurs, initiator, enterprise spin-offs, managers and administrative staff, and etc. And moreover, BAST keeps enriching the contents of the training with the relevant research results and consulting experiences.

International Exchange Center for New Thinking
Experts worldwide have echoed China’s soft-tech research and its new ways of thinking about technology, and international exchanges are taking place in interdisciplinary
research and training projects. BAST will act as international platform for development and exchange for new thinking, new concept, new viewpoint and new methods.
BAST has already established cooperation or exchange relationship with over 30 foreign research institutions.

Foreign Organizations who have established cooperation relationship include:

(1) World Business Academy (California, U.S.A.)
(2) The Millennium Project (Washington, U.S.A.)
(3) The Future 500 (California-Tokyo-Beijing)
(4) ECONOMICA Institute (Vienna, Austria)
(5) World Future Society (Maryland, U.S.A.)
(6) Institute of Innovation Creativity Capital (The University of Texas At Austin, U.S.A.)
(7) CIM Engineering Company (Silicon Valley, U.S.A.)
(8) The Brussels-EU Chapter of the Club of Rome (Brussels, Belgium)
(9) ENTOVATION International Ltd., KM100 (Boston, U.S.A.)
(10) International network of "ETHICAL MARKETS" (Florida, U.S.A.)
(11) Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (Vienna, Austria)
(12) Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre (Hong Kong)
(13) The Institute for the Future (Silicon Valley, U.S.A.)




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